The Hooligan: Crockett's Theme

Its a bit short and unimaginitive but… click

Very nice little remix :) For my taste you have a bit too much reverb on the Hats/Claps.

heh… and I even milded them in the final cut :) But I agree with you, might still be too reverbed.
Im trying to find suitable samples from Miami Vice-episodes using YouTube… in case I find something usefull and make a new version I will fix the reverbissue on the same go for sure.

Concept of the remix works but the production needs more work in my opinion. As told before, there is too much reverb. I feel that overal sound of the track needs some polishing, especially leads could have been more interesting. I don’t mean that it mean anything major changes, just some more work ;)
I did listen it with “not so pro” headphones, so may have different opinion about the overal sound tomorrow after listening from speakers.

One thing that bothers me about this very much is that i was actually remixing the same track :P
Well, it’s different style of remix so it’s not too much of a problem.