The Hooligan: Frozen

Latest track: Frozen

good track. a little thin at parts, but perhaps that was intended (gave it that “cold” feel). great fills on the drums, the really built up the excitement into a new section. cool vocoder work too. i like it.

10 plus for Ice cube :wink:

The first drum buildup was bit rough, would have expected a change in background a bit more highs or maybe subtler buildup. This is actually which most of the tracks out there suffer from, bit weak startup.

But generally pretty strong track. I am not that much into rapping, but it doesn’t actually bug me here so I guess it’s suitable. Solid track nevertheless. :)

Listening to the track now…

Triphop… not really my kinda style

but for the DCS in your sig ?

Dual Crew & Shining?

That is correct