The Hooligan: New York City Boy

Found this and made it to this.

New version uploaded, plus corrected vocalists surname from Owara to Owada (shame on me)

Really great attempt. I like it arrangementwise a lot.

But the is one thing in the stereo panorama disturbing me: The bass belongs into the center of the mix.

Apart from that the vocals are way too quiet. They need much more power.

A tiny bit less reverb overall wouldnt hurt either imho :)

Maybe you can give it another shot? ;)

You should mention it to the guy who’s doing the singing - this tune really captures the PSB vibe

The thing is, I truly suck at mastering :( No skills what-so-ever

I naturally messaged him on Youtube to give him an option to have the track taken offline (I will just remove his vocals and think of something else then). Who knows, he might hate it.

I will take a look at the reverb-issue as it bothered me just as much it bothered Amok. Can you believe I actually toned down the reverb on Sylenth-instruments for this version… imagine the horror-reverb in first versions ;)

Nexus2 is also famous for its killing reverb so I will start there. I will make another shot at it today when I get home from work.

Thank you for advice and comments

Nice remix…I agree on the vocal volume, maybe could use a compressor…in some places it is louder then others i think…
Also i get a creeping feeling there is a synced sample(breakbeat or some?) behind the beat there, that has a slight delay with the beat… anyway you can “fixed” this with random note delay on your own samples…But maybe i am hearing note delays i dont know any more now, too tired :P :lol:

Good news. Mr.Owada liked the track, as much as we might collaborate near future. Glad I didn’t have to redo the vocalparts phew