The "how To Achieve That Sound" Thread

(hseiken) #21

Try to play with the amp simulations. You’ll get better results. Also stack a clean sound and distorted sound together or play with EQ. The distortions are good for just evil sounds, but the amp models are good to get character into your distortion and generally that’s how the early hardcore kicks were made anyway, with tube amps overdriven.

(Dylan G) #22

My link

The dubstation VST allows you to make that exact sound. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used that vst if not a real Space Echo

(Jhomas) #23

This isn’t perfect, but I tried to do it with just native Renoise stuff. Screen shot will hopefully help, the only other thing is I set the envelope of the instrument to a very fast decay. There probably needs to be a better filter and I think there is a big reverb (maybe on a send). I saved this as a project if you are interested.

I think I would rather try to make it in something like Ableton’s Collision or Logic’s Sculpture, to give it a more percussive sound.

(E.H.V.A.H. SDC) #24

this is what I came up with in 10 to 20 minutes, all renoise sounds (notice I didn’t try the sound in combinatio with a real beat :):

  • 1 instr, with: 3 snares from Kit-Real.xrni and the Kit-808.xrni 2 times
  • right-click samples list > Layer All ™
  • little bit of transposing individual samples
  • track FX: Distortion, 9%; Comb, Freq 2.34 Dry 100% Wet -13.37dB; Send>1 -18dB Keep; EQ, 320Hz bump, 600Hz V, 1200Hz and 1455Hz bump; again Send>1 -6dB Keep; LFO Random Offset 62.667% > mpReverb’s Color; mpReverb, 1446ms; Shaper, whatever; Gainer -14dB; Cabinet Simulator, Gain 51% Wet 24% Dry 100% 4000Hz 2/3rd; Send>2, Full, Keep
  • send1 FX: Scream Filter, HP, 44% Dist, Cutoff 1.67kHz; mpReverb @ Next Door Party, Pan 6L {POST vol -3dB}
  • send2 FX: mpReverb @ Metal Work, Dry 0%; Delay, default; LofiMat, 1158Hz, Wet -7.131dB Dry full; EQ 10 @ FX Wide Telephone {POST vol -19dB}

the fully wet reverb sound on a send track is cool to experiment with to make long, weird, or annoying snare trails.

edit: also put a LPF on the instr track, no res and about 3kHz; and one on the send1 track high resonance and low cutoff.

I’d love to post the .xrns but I realised all samples are in the renoise sample pack when you buy it so I can’t upload it!

(Rpnz) #25

can anyone point me in a good direction to make a phat-sounding synth like here @ 0:45?

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Household Goods

(Mandulin) #26

do you want a fat sounding synth in general or one that has the exact same features like in the video?

here’s something i whipped up real quick for example:

it’s basically some slightly detuned square waves in the low-mid range, passed through a flanger to make them wider, some compression and a small distortion to give them a harder edge. this will give you a fat sound. you need a really low sine wave to back it up tho.
for higher frequencies you could use anything like triangle, saw or messed up square waves.
boost the low and mid-high frequencies so it sounds thick on the low end and crisp in the middle.

i’m sure that a similar approach would work with professional synths where you have even more options to mess with the sound.
the one in the video has a certain Reese-y quality i think. maybe if you look for “reese bass” you’ll have more luck. :)

(pleasuretrail) #27

nice results on that mandulin!

are the wave-form samples being played together in the same track? same insrument? or seperately? really wanna get more into making my own synthsounds like that.

(Mandulin) #28

yes, you play them together but not in the same track. in this case i seperated it into “sine | square1 square2 | triangle” so i could apply some effects individually. i guess you could put them in one instrument if you like, i don’t think it matters sound-wise.

(TiLT) #29

I believe that particular sound is from Spectrasonics Atmosphere, which is now available as part of Spectrasonic Omnisphere (a library that every serious musician should own. Seriously. It’s that good, and it’s cheap as hell for what you get). Can’t help you recreate it, but you should at least find either that exact sound or something very, very similar there.

(engine) #30

twisted tools ensembles (reaktor)

or their samplepacks

(Rpnz) #31


thanks for the info mate…

mostly… when i’m making tracks… I have the biggest problem making the bass sound fat enough…

like this one:

i like the whole arrangement… the build up… but then @ 2:08 anticlimax-bass :(

(td6d) #32

That one is easy to solve. Just put a sinewave at the bottom end, kicks the hell out of everything ;)

(WaffleFace) #33

Hey guys. New to the forum here. Was wondering if anyone had any idea how to achieve this effect:

I know he uses a Source Audio Hot Hand Wireless Adapter system and a Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter. I don’t have either, but my Wiimote and the Wiinstrument app work just as well.
I found this tutorial, but I have no idea how to emulate this in Renoise.


Heres a sound ive always been curious about!
Radioacitive Man - Uranium

Its the bass sound that kicks in around 1 min 17 sec’s!

(endonyx) #35

well that sounds like a synched fm basspreset going through a very short delay well piled on and abit crusher behind it

(Ozego) #36

Please please please. These sounds:
Is there a VST that generates white, pink or brown noise on top of the input signal.

mda TestTone is good.

(crazya02) #37

How do you achieve something like the bass in this track?

(RawShock) #38

The glitchy shit at 4:42

(rehashed) #39

I’ve heard a bass sound like this in a lot of tracks and I want to have it too! Anyone have an xrni or a specific vsti factory (or custom) preset they can point to?

(Djeroek) #40

timestretch (artifact) I think, try messing around with some (quality) settings in timestretch software/apps on the original snare sound and you’ll get close.