The Importance Of Continually Saving...

I received an “unhandled exception in GUI” today while saving my RNS file, and as a result only half the file was saved. I always save under a new filename every few hours however, and so I have a backup to revert back to without losing too much work. Should this ever happen to you, I advice you to always do the same. ;)

And activating autobackup every x minutes.

Oh, didn’t know about that. Will check it out. Thanks. :)

maybe we should put a 1024*768 banner about autobackup on the homepage? :rolleyes:

Yeah, so people can assume Renoise is that dramatically unstabile, that you have to use it, but this is not the case at all :P

There are too many things that can crash on a computer, 'specially one hooked up to the net! If something crashed, I’ve hardly ever found that Renoise was to blame. So, do backups y’all!! :)