The Importance Of Joining The Wusikstations Group Buy!

Why do I think that everyone should join?

Unless you are really rich and even then you probably think most if not all software is too expensive, right?

You would also rather own the original of a software rather than a halfass crack, which is without support
and could be insecure, full of bugs and does not support the developers right?

However you probably don’t think you can afford to own all software you would want, right?

I think 3d software, music software, paintprograms, and definatly computer games are to expensive.

I also belive that those companies would earn more money if they really lowered their prices to very low.
Then most people would not think twice before they bought it, and would not think it was worth to crack!

Wusikstation group buy has without releazing it, given us a chance to prove that
it would work! If the software companies lowered their prices we would buy their software!
I mean wouldn’t you rather buy than crack?

Imagine they got 150.000 people to sign up. It would be all over the internet news, then on economic news!

It could and I think it would change the software industry!

Other companies would follow, and when other follows, even more would feel the need to follow And soon we could afford to buy most programs we would ever like!

How is this possible? Today billions of people own a computer, and have internet access this means that computer companies can reach large sales and with large sales they don’t have to have as high price.

However companies are afraid of lowering their prices to much, they belive. people belive that products with lower price equals low quality and will thus not buy cheap software. They belive they would not earn as much money. So they don’t dare lowering it enough, its a moment 22.
I belive they are wrong.

Now I was one of the first 200 to join, so I got Wusikstation 3 as a thanks for just 1.95$! (And I use it in all my new compositions, because it rocks!)
So I just wanted to say that I will not get any lower price for doing this.

What I do however is that I see this groupbuy could become much much more important than most people realize!

I cannot promise a software price revolution. But I do belive it would happen and I want to be part of it and helped starting it!

Hell even those not into music should join!

That’s a really nice post but somehow, I still don’t care that much. I’m all for just having plain affordable software, like Renoise. They can keep their triple-digit VST instruments, I am not gonna use them because I just don’t have the kind of money to afford them. Also, if anything, Wusik sort of seems to be an exception. Maybe next groupbuy…

Hey Splajn,

You may have some point but notice that some people are not really price aware…
Since the software that is the most expensive usually also has the largest userbase.
How would that be?

I take a simple example of a test some economics did with a box of chocolates.
They tagged it 5 euro’s, sold it on the market and it sold pretty well.
The next day they tagged it 1 euro sold it on the same market and they sold a hell of a lot less because people expect that a lower price means less quality.
To ensure this they tagged the same box of chocolate 7 euro’s and the third day they sold even more than the first day.

People make assumptions in relationship to the price.
There are not many people that actually analyze the product before they consider the price.

However, economics did the 1 euro trick again the next week and decided to put on a plate with samples so people could taste it.
They sold more than the first time they tagged the chocolates for 1 euro but not significantly more. What they did got were a lot of more questions about quality and ingredients etc.

I’m sure if Renoise would raise its price ten times the amount and offers a far more limited demo, it would probably sell a lot better. Because it will look more convincing the product is good.
But then there is the question of what type of users that shell out that kind of cash would come in and what type of support would they demand?
People that expect quality most likely also have higher demands.