The Indie Games Thread


Doesn’t really compare to all these other games, but I made a game called Vector Space Armada

The nice thing, is that ALL things Audio were created in Renoise, including all the little blips and explosions and such.

Company Of Myself

Devil’s Tuning Fork

Ulitsa Dimitrova

You guys have mentioned most of my favorite ones (the nifflas games and gish), but I figured I’d chime in with Alien Homonid and Fez:

Fez is being developed by a dude that used to use the same 3d engine as me, Truevision3d… I stopped using it altogether due to work and my pursuit of music… and he went on to develop Fez using some other engine (ogre I think?)
… either way, I’ve not played Fez as it’s not yet done, but it looks amazing so far

A side note, for anyone who doesn’t know… Nifflas uses Renoise occasionally! :P