The Inebriated Conspiracy To Conquer The Ether

new tune by me and Lukas, for the High Powered Mutants project :rolleyes:
(guitars and vocals by lukas, the other stuff by me)

This weird thing was something we started a looong time ago, and finally we found the mood to finish it off.
i don’t know, this version/master might not be the final… it’s tricky, as usual.
and… it does not sound “2010” at all, but that’s not the intention either :D

comments on both the tune and the master are welcome

The Inebriated Conspiracy To Conquer The Ether

oh and if you like this,
we have another one here


updated with some minor fixes

and what the heck:

no good?
weee! (next image may include tits :clownstep: )

Sounds deep man, that beat is phat… B)
like the sounds/synths/vibe…its playful…
I like the live feel of it, the drums really add that and all the various solos…
yeh man
s’cool - doesn’t feel like any part shouldn’t be there…it’s a good thing you waited until you found the right mood to come back to it, else i probably wouldn’t be saying that.

thanks for listening Moss!
sounds like we achieved what we were aiming for with this tune, nothing’s better than that :)