The Ipad (I Shit You Not)

so It’s a novelty size ipod touch. still, it’d be cool reading books and browsing the webs.

I beleive that E-Ink-based screens are better for reading books than backlit LCD displays. I hate reading from the computer screen. I hope though, that E-Ink readers will drop in price after the iPad gets shipped.

I actually have an iPod touch that I use all the time for reading, and it’s great. It’s not nearly as hard on the eyes as standard LCD screens for some reason.

I wouldn’t mind playing Marble Madness on such a thing, though ^^

I’m sure using the thing would be a joyous experience - especially for games, but it’s so completely detached from the real world I could never justify the expense.

No USB port or flash support are such disgustingly transparent attempts to drive app and accessory sales. They’ve ensured the thing ‘just works’ by severely limiting what it can actually do; the whole device is geared towards spending $$$ in the app store. It’s not a computer, it’s not a tool, it’s a ‘premium content displayer’, and even though it’s bloody gorgeous it can fuck right off.

Some of the presenters reminded me of this, too:


This Is the Dawning of The Age OF COLOSSUS!!! :lol:

Some financedude was talking about ipad on telly yesterday. He called it “revolutionary” and “innovative”. After the three minutes interview it was pretty clear to everybody that the guy had no knowledge of ipad what so ever, so at least Appless pr-department has done its job properly :)

ahahahaha… AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

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That’s precisely the market they’re targeting though. They’re targeting the people who don’t know shit about technology… they wanted to create a cloud portal device that anyone could use. They wanted to create something that any 60 year old could pick up and use to browse the web painlessly, portably, without the chance of getting a virus. I’m seriously considering getting one of these for my father so he stops asking me for tech support. The guy’s right in that sense when he says it’s revolutionary… it’s revolutionary because he can understand how to use it, when he’s probably never been able to understand computers in his life.

There is too much overlap with products apple already makes. I mean, clearly its just a giant ipod touch (with 3G). The lack of flash and multitasking alone is a deal breaker for me.
Not to mention how awkward this is going to be to use. Want to watch a movie? You’d either have to stare down at your lap or prop it up against something. To do any serious work, you’d have to use an external keyboard/mouse anyways.
Also, $500 is not cheap considering you can buy a decked out windows-based laptop for less than that.

I don’t mind the idea of a dumbed down OS, it think limitations have their uses, but I would’ve liked to see it in a netbook design. Clearly Apple wanted something with more of a “cool” factor that twenty-somethings can drool over in Apple stores.

I’m honestly thinking now that the people buying this are going to be 60+ years old.

You are the second person I know who said this and it actually makes a lot of sense, that is a group of people who have a very limited use for a computer (mail, surfing, IM) and can’t be bothered with any kind of hard- or software maintenance. So, Apple found a niche, good for them. (And it does not include us.)

how are you going to explain to your 60+ parents that there is no Flash support in their iPad?

For some reason I can’t picture geriatric people hunched over this thing trying to type on the on screen keyboard.

But you are right in that the 60+ usually keep up with latest technology :rolleyes:

Why?.. they already hunch over to do crosswords


Ok, why won’t it embed? I’ve embedded videos here before since the forum upgrade…

OMG, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time :D

Adobe’s hurt about the iPad:

Hahaha, somebody call the Escalation Management!

Seriously though… I figured you take this i-pad with you on the bus, the train… to watch porn? :P

I guess the question is: How much is someone willing to pay for a portable internet device + music player + video player + pda + ebook reader?