The Joys Of Custom Coded Websites, Vol #1

here’s my trying to optimized the “scan for new files” function without paying attention (I still don’t know WHY it happened lol, I’m a bit in shock to be honest… over 4000 photo tags GONE… I see dead links and they point at me and screeeam… haha)

oh well. it could be worse!

yay, only the database data got wiped out. that’s actually worse than if the files would have been deleted, but still, I thought it was both… it would have happened if I had reloaded that page :confused:

Always keep a back-up!

but backups don’t really prevent user error :confused:

but you’re right… I really should look into a painless way to make regular backups of the mysql database, as it’s not that big and I’m sure there’s a bazillion tools for that.

it’s one thing to lose photo tags (which are all obvious things like “dog” and “clouds”)… but to lose quite a lot of quotes from all over the place, some hand typed from books — that would REALLY suck :panic:

Um; that is exactly what they do. Back-up all data before performing any work. Human error causes loss of work. Restore from back-up. Job’s a goodun!


I surely would not have been able to create a monster of this complexity by doing that… takes waaaaay too much time… no, modifying the code of the live site continues to be how I roll! (or plummet haha)

hey, couldn’t you have picked any other thread, you silly bot?? :F (edit, oops haha, thankee)