The Khin & Henriette - Thinking

Hey, sagosen & henriette!

That’s a really nice track. Happy to hear some second voices here!
The chords in the break-style background are a great idea and the sound really nice. I only wished that the pads would play chords, too instead of single notes or two.

Really, a nice song. Especially like the intro, the first 20 seconds. Keep on going like this!

dj io: I’ll be back, I promise! :)

Tracking IS fun, but I haven’t had the energy to do much these days. Thinking was two-three straight days with a lot of work (in addition to the time we spent when made the first draft months ago), we have another song in production much like this, only more melodic and electro. I have very very high expectations to that track melodically and will therefore take my time with it.

Though, a compotrack for me is not really much more than an evening of tracking. :)
Hope I can find that evening soon!

And gilli, pleased that you like the intro! :)

Nah…My bad expression. Honestly, I like the whole song. Just wanted to say that the intro sounds very impressing.

Wow! Very very nice :)

Thank you guys!

Pro quality stuff…

My only comment is that it would be nice if the singing was composed more complex.
Sounds a bit to simple at in the long run.

Like when Henriette sings what you thinking…what you thinking.
It would be nice with some “what you thinking” in a lower volume inbetween the two almost like an echo, connecting the two what you thinking parts…But not as low and thin as the other vocals that are in the background.

Maybe even add a male voice that sings/talks walk are you thinking?

To add some more heavyness to the track.

I would rate this a 9.5 and with some more complex vocals work 10.

Great stuff!

Finally got around to download and listen to it (I’m on modem here). I like it a lot. Electro:ish with a soothing voice, as louis delicately putted it. As for the mix, I think it is a little too bright in the higher frequency area (around 12-16 kHz I think). On the other hand it’s quite easily fixed in the mastering process.

I really like the track buildup too, the last part where it goes from a atmospheric part to the beat-part is really nice. The end part with you guys laughing is pretty charming. :)

I really really like this song, but the chorus just needed something to me…

I was messing with doing harmonies on the “watcha thinkin” chorus.

Here is just that part with some harmonies added:

Cool addition, friend! :)
In short:


  • a male second voice, you’ve got a good one there!
  • the long “babyyyy”-voice in there, really adds to the vocals


  • too many layers of dark voice toward the end. Makes it noisy in stead of musical in my ears. :D

But yeah, I definetly think you’re on to something there.
I’m concidering releasing the RNS for remixing purpouses. Who’s game?

I definately had the mix of the lowest voice too loud.

Try going to the link again, I’ve updated it now–see if this sounds better…

@ work with no d/l or listening possible, looking forward to check when home. :)

Short Update by me: I just rewrote most parts of my breathe-version from scratch. Fixed the chords :) Will be ready within at least one week


Look forward to see your own post on a new Marc Shake-release! :D

Hm, time I review a song or two of you on CTG, listened to some dance-thingey the other day, quite pleasing! :)

Kizzume: Just heard what you did and we both really liked it!

We’d love to have you sing what you feel needed (and edit the rns to the extent you want), just download from this link:

on yousendit

And the rest who want to download, go ahead and make a cool remix! :D

Unfortunately, I don’t have some of the vst’s that you used, and I used Cubase to record the vocals, but I can render the harmonies separately and find a way to send you the wavs of those.

That’s cool, use yousendit for files up to 1 gig and mail to sagosen at gmail dot com. :)

I’ll enter the stuff into rns.

Btw, Henriette’s sitting here and says she really likes your voice and your music (we both do btw), been listening to most of your music that’s downloadable and it’s a display of some talent!

How about some acapella duet thingey? :walkman:

That would be cool. :)

yes it wasn’t working for a while. But the song is back online again. A new mastered version.

i like the electro-disco approach, very dancy. B) :yeah: