The Largest Pixelart Picture I Have Even Seen!

How long would it take someone to make something on such a scale?…index-list.html

i’ve seen a couple of others comparable to that size.

more important questions are:




I had so much free time today I looked over almost every square inch of pixel goodness to try and find something out of the ordinary.

You know, like the topless girl sunbathing. Somebody getting a beat down in the alley… SOMETHING!!!


that’s a cool pic of taiwan. i saw a massage parlor, criminals and cops shooting @ each other on the highway, a car accident, a locking competition, a love motel, graffiti artists, ppl falling off buildings, ppl playing super mario bros. 1 on the beach, a shark about to eat someone, and some kids falling off a raft.

it’s still pretty fakking awesome if you ask me.
despite WTF and WHY, it’s still very WOW!

Is this a preview of Sims 3? :P

yes, it’s funny allright, just wish I could find those nude pixels trepain talk about.

give me some of your free time god damnit, i will put it to good use :)

Where are the naked pixels? I can’t find them although I have been searching for an hour! :P

That was cool! Having done lots of pixel work myself the last 5 years…to do something lika that would probably take 2-4 weeks…

Though I guess the guy has been working on it for a long time…

you guys are retarded. my understanding of trepain’s post is that he DIDN’T find anything like that in the picture

damn yeah, you are right. no nudies, how dissapointing! :angry:

lol, just looked at it again, found two guys molesting a car, one sprays f**** on the top while the other smash a baseball bat through the window… [it’s in the A3 area]

haha! found a monkey asking for a banana infront of a stand.
and some beatbox b-boyz rawckin it out. looks like a battle goin’ on.
funny stuff!

so where can i get pixelporn? i prefer xrns

As far as pixel art goes though…

I have a great boss. Providing a have vacation time available, I can normally just call early in the morning (same day) and ask permission to take a vacation day.

That’s when I pixel edit and make really useless stuff…like… this -

And here is your pixel porn - commodore 64 style - Again this has to do with too much free time on my hands to do things like the following -

bah, censorship

yeah! why the censor? this isn’t the flaming cnn news room!

ROFL!!! Cause you know!!! A pixel penis and those plump knockers on that little pixel hottie might be too much to bare…

- said like Jack Nicholson