The Latest Album

Hey, have you listened to that new album? I think it’s amazing! What do you think?

I think the early stuff was somewhat more variable in genres, but maybe the consistency actually makes this one easier to listen and to get into, if you know what I mean. The production is amazing though, quite loud yet saves a lot of dynamics. It’s specially important in that sort of music in my opinion.

I specially liked the third track. The guitars, the lead synths, amazing cooperation. The melodies intetwined, playing with eachother, exploring the whole musical space and travelling far beyond the traditional musical theory of scales and chords, while leaving the music still enjoyable.

I give 10 points of 10 to this album. :w00t:

I’m not very into that stuff, it’s ‘overproduced’ imho.
The guitars versus synth is nice work, but only when
the amen kicks in with that 909 stampeding through it
like tenthousand chipninjas in a kitchenblender is when
I remember why I love music so much.


Not sure I agree with you on the 909 stampeding part. I think it might have bit overexaggerated. You know this type of music is not really that much about that kind of stuff. But then again, it didn’t disturb me too much, and apparently this introduces much bigger crossover appeal. :)

On the other hand, the earlier work was much less into breakbeatish stuff, and I don’t know… It kinda lacked the energy of this album.

True dat, this latest work is a step towards intensity, rather than musical content. Brilliant crossovers indeed, without relying too heavily on distortion to compensate something that’s lacking.

I’m glad to hear they’re not afraid to explore new horizons. Although they stayed true to their own ‘sound’, they also experiment with different instrumentations. The track with the bagpipes is wicked!!

I prefer the demos.

I hate it! I hate this sort of music that drones on and on and on and has all this new-age bullshit in it! Get with the picture ****face! If I saw you in the street I’d shoot you.

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