The Lights Within contains a 5 MB sized MP3 file of my newest released “the lights within”.

This time I even tried to master this piece correctly :)

45 views and the only comments I got where in #renoise.irc ;)

personally i’m more into the more progressive/deep dance stuff but this song had some of that flavor. overall i liked it. perhaps try to give the synth sounds even more of that huge feel. (more reverb/delay/panning, expand the stereofield etc) low end was really nice n tight. though the beats where a little loud compared to the other sounds… imo.

Not as into Trance as I used to be, but this is a nice track :)

This is also the first Trance piece I have (knowingly) heard done in Renoise. I, as a new Renoise user, am very impressed with your programming/sequencing skills.

Thanks for the Reviews

Try to do a search for ptrance here. He’s just amazing.

Not a bad mix at all! What are you using to master here? The off-hat and the bass are probably the only things that need filtering at all. Ooo, and maybe that buzzy lead too.

Good strong vibe here, good for driving!

Thanks pal. I used some nice vsts and my good old casio Ctk 691 (sampled some presets from this piece). For mastering I rendered each track, loaded them back to audacity and compressed each one until I thought this might sound okay. After that I adjusted the volumes again, rendered everything together and compressed it with audacity again.

In fact, I spent more time in the sampler-application than in renoise and this was definetely the wrong approach. But I really don’t like the renoise-onboard-compressor… (Sorry taktik)

Umm, why don’t you just use a nice compressor vst on the channels in renoise?

I had the chance to test voxengo crunchessor, loved that baby but at the moment, I don’t own the money necessary to buy it. :)