The Manual?

i’m not sure i have it. is it somewhere online? i want to know how i save instruments so i down have to set them up again? i just load them in the future…

I got this one (V1.9.1), it’s from this page (left menu, top entry: HTML Documentation V1.9.1 (30MB)).

i’m still confused. i’ve been through the manual but cant find what im looking for. i have made a drum kit of various loops all synced and i want to save it as a preset so i can just load it again in new songs rather than assemble it again?

can anyone point me in the direction of learning how to do this?

many thanks

looks like you have already done everything described here, right?

(there is also a video)

then you simply have to save your instrument in your collection:

1] select he “Instrument” radio button here:

2] write a name for it in the textbox on the bottom right

3] press on
to save the instrument

i dont understand. when i do that i get a dialog box saying it cannot saves in the instruments directory as it will be overwritten by future versions, then when i save it in a directory i make it only saved one samples and not the whole instrument…

ok i got it now, i had the sample preset selected as opposed the instrument one as shown in your picture.

many thanks.