The Middle Way

New track, made completely in Renoise. Used samples for drums, Sampletank for bass, Ugo String Theory for that guitar sound, M1 for strings and Tyrell N6 for leads.
So, what do you guys think? :)
Track is in the signature.


If you have your track in your sig, and people are on mobile, they have to switch to the full version of the site, to access your track.

I’ve listened to the track, but on my Stanton headphones, that I carry with me. Because of that, I don’t feel 100% comfortable with giving mix feedback. Overall I really enjoyed this blend of electro, and big beat… ? Is that the vibe you were going for? The composition came out really well. I think you did an excellent job blending and layering things together.

With the actual mix, I can’t help but think your hats and cymbals seem to dissapear, and the bass is way up ie bass heavy.

Like I said, “I’m listening on cans,” I’m not 100% comfortable with that feedback. When I get a chance, and I can listen on monitors, I may have different thoughts.

Good stuff, I see progress and more potential in your sound


thanks for your feedback :)
As for the bass, it’s quite possible, I haven’t got the best environment for bass, so I have a hard time getting the levels right…