The Most Amazing Weekend

Hi Renoisers,

I am so exaggerated. I had the most amazing weekend of my life. On saturday I was at Disko Zak in Uelsen and I had the opportunity to see all my techno-idols from looong ago. First, there was Marusha, playing all her hits like somewhere over the rainbow. After that, there was Mr. U96 - Alex Christensen. He brought up old pieces like Das Boot and even really old stuff by Yves DeRuyter. When I thought, this is not possible to get better there were those party animals Charlie Lownoise and Mental Theo performing live!

After that, I was sweating like hell - there was Dune… I had goosebumps all the time. That was so amazing!

:w00t: Wicked! I also listened to all that… And Charlie Lownoise live… I would have loved to see that :yeah:

I have a short video-clip available. I will upload that when I am back at home (sitting at work, currently)

step into my dreams this christmas…

Concerning Techno Classic:

this Youtube-User has a bunch of oldschool-techno available.

The promised video

charlie lownoise + mental theo…fark…havent heard that (those) name(s) around here for a while. Used to love that stuff back in my teenage party days :)