The Most Useless Post You´ve Ever Read

I don´t want but I must :rolleyes:
Well, I just want to tell YOU and yeah I mean you all Renoise Forum regulars, that I´ve just re-registered myself in this forum just because to fullfil the name change I did some time ago.
To clearify: Me P.T who wants be called ptrance now and in the future.

Just in case someone is confused and is wondering where you´re most beloved P.T (who is still not gay or has a relationship with an orca but can still make gay melodic trance for some reason) is. :rolleyes:

And now I need to do 512 posts to get to my old poststatus…

post increasing attempt


nice, now that’s what i call off topic ;D
but isn’t it awkward to have the word “trance” in your pseudonym?
i mean, ppl could actually think you’d compose trance music, which no reasonable human being on this planet would’ve wanted to be identified with.


Good point. Some time ago I even called myself Premium.Trance (which stands still on the frontpage of my hp) which sounded even more worse (or better say prolly) than this one.
Well actually I wanted get this name as it is now just because I made a stupid webrelated thing. I had already registered the domain. So just to make thing equal.
Other than that I don´t have a problem beeing indentified with a genre. Trance is what I love mostly, what I do mostly even what I live mostly.

But yeah, all in all you´re still right :)

I´ve never had a hand for nicknames <_<

I have the feeling somehow that I did a reaaalll mess now :P

by the way… which sites should be changed??? :rolleyes:

If you say so… well… no, but see the post above :)

I see.

My apologies ;)

hey pt (uhm sry, ptrance :) ), actually i wasn’t that serious with that comment about “trance”.
i mean, it’s a genre like every other genre, too.
there’s a lot of shit but it also houses some real gems & jewels.
so to me, “trance” does not inevitably result into “bad music”.
it’s all about the author and his genre related achievements.
and considering the last WIP tunes i’ve heard made by you, you’re not one of the bad authors to represent that genre. ;)


pTGAY tRANCE :lol: :D :wub:

well, what can I say… wohooo! :lol:

Such statements are especially nice to hear when they come from a scene legend :)