The "mute-crosses"

i really liked 1.5 alpha2 where those crosses didnt exist…
those are ugly ugly ugly! :D isnt it possible to make muted scopes
turn to another color or whatever? the crosses takes away the professional feeling of the program fi sure :)

(or maybe im just overreacting)

Naw, ur right, I think so too :P


have a look into the Skin/ directory :D

i think “X” is a good visual indicator of non-sound-making-ness. maybe a more gothic font, with sharper angles would work. i really like renoise’s nw visual aesthetic, who designed the interface lines? maybe they could come up with a hipper looking ‘x’.

egad! nevermind. i’m going to have fun with this when i get home today

maybe the renoise kru could hire the designers republic to make some goodlooking crosses.