The New Commands?

Hello… I´ve just started using renoise and its key-commands…now I see that alot of the commands will change in ver. 1,6, should I just wait intil then to learn them all or is it only a few that will change?


I seriously doubt there will be major changes in the key department. Wouldn’t be too popular… I recommend learning the keys now in any case.

tracking commands (1xx, 2xx, etc) will remain the same.

keyboard shortcuts will mostly be the same as well; in case you really should not be able to get accustomed with the few changes, you will be able to redefine key assignments

ok. thanx

You can redefine the functions keys in the next edition as well, in 1.5 this is currently impossible.
But some old functionalities can’t be put back under the f keys (like toggling multiple tab or buttons with one Function key)

learning something before it changes isnt always the best idea, you will more than likely wish it was the same as when you set out to learn it.
ya know man, its a fact that learning is good for you!
the more hid systems you learn the better become with problem solving.

ive known people that have put off learning computers all because of the fact they are thinking in that way.

My thought is that as everyone here will have the same problem, the keys can’t change too much. At least most basic keys will probably be the same. And I guess it will take some time before v1.6 so you’ll have to learn them anyway.

Some of the global keys don’t operate outside the pattern editor.

If you learn to set keyfocus to the pattern editor prior to any other ordinary short-keyfunction you used to do, you will be fine for 95%.

e.g. you can’t change arranger positions or select instruments with the shortcuts anywhere else (besides if keyfocus is in their own area).