The New Kids Are Back On The Block

they were 18 year old faggots then, but now they’re 38 year old faggots. they’re doing shows in the states starting next month. let’s hope there are plenty of 30 year old women with braces for them to sing to.

in other news, the backdoor boys are currently touring europe.

these groups wont stop until the world is one big homosexual buttfest w/ its shirt rolled up.

Wrong group Danoise… I realize they’re hard to keep track of as they’re so similar ;) … and as we can see now, they are definitely different people, unless of course Justin Timberlake can shapeshift :o … perhaps they’re demons. Either way, I see that Donny Wahllberg guy finally got out of jail for the arson or pedophilia or canibalism or drug smuggling or whatever it was they finally caught him doing. Good for him! I hope he’s off the wheatgrass juice now, and ready to entertain us like the slave he is. That’s right monkey slave, DANCE!! YOU’D BETTER SILL BE ABLE TO DO BACKFLIPS, SUCKA!!! It’s strange how all these boy bands, who are so obviously all sex deprived pleasure slaves to an aging Madonna, can be so disobedient.

my girlfriend is going to the capitol this weekend on the Backstreet Boys concert… waste of money if you ask me. i try to tell her that now, at age 24 she should really be looking for some more Mature listening that suits her age better. as she admits that she really doesn’t like them that mutch anymore. But i guess she gets a cold shower
when she stands in a crowd with 10 000 blond 14 year old girls that screams theyr lungs out… Time for the Revelation.

I dont think it was mainly they’re idea to make a comeback.

I rather stick to that thought, that the Musicindustry is trying to get some $$$ since they’re lost lots of money caused by the p2p sharing scene, as i heard.

Still waiting for the comeback of 2-unlimited tho :P

I think this falls under the category of “nostalgia” ;) Just like those fakking oldskool rave parties

And a sidenote: I wouldn’t mind standing in between 10.000 14 year old blond girls.
Even though that’s just very wrong of me.

We live in a culture that craves tacky nostalgia, if only simply for the lulz. I’m sure your GF is going just so she can have a laugh and say she was there Suva. If she’s really crushing on them or something though, then there’s a problem.

More: she and the ggirls she’s going with, they where on a concert
10 years ago. and mabe just want to have that nostalgic feeling.
the gang back together again or something :)
but toturing me with the latest album on repeat the
last 3 months has been HELL for me. and i almost know theyr
songs now… :S

i hope she gets past this now when the concert is over

notorious: 2-Unlimited played in a club in my city a few weeks back. Alot of those Eurodance-Projects are out there again.

Ready for the Remix work. it’s the “NEW” wave… 90’s

OT: Why are we wasting posts on this?

hah ! i can top this ez’ly

Click for #1 Boyband in zeh wurld.

ROFL!!! I was just going to say “Any extra tickets for us renoisers?”

I would have been on the plane yesterday :P