The New Sample Ruler Is Kickass

It’s exactly what I wanted for a long time. That’s pretty much all I wanted to say.

Please exlain, how the new ruler may be usefull practically ?
Just can’t get it… :huh:

i agree it’s rad. it’s useful to quickly site the hex offset of part of a sample.

a track i’m currently working on has long samples that occasionally cross pattern boundraries. the ruler made it easy to see where the playback position in the sample was at the start of the next pattern. i used to have to click on the sample in the spot i wanted to figure out what the official hex offset of the position was. now i can just look. it rules :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx! Now i see :sunglasses:
Also when you do selection it shows start and end HEX positions.

it’s great for breakbeat slicing the 09 way.

Or cutting on beats if you set the tempo to the tempo of the sample you can snap to the exact beat :)

If this proces of beat syncing / snapping / cutting & pasting the parts in empty sample slots could be automated what would you have??

yes a miniature BEATSLICER ! :)

can I censor this word on the forum? :D

yes we have a wordfilter IT.

on the forrum is 3 words :P :D

haha, a motherfing b s***!!

btw I just discovered that you can see the length of your selection in different types by changing the bottom ruler! this comes in very handy for cut/pasting. would love to see some more paste options though, like paste overwrite for example.

edit: oh wait it’s not the length you see in the bar, but the two selection points. maybe there could be a selection length as well?

how about using the rules where one can set beat measures?
for instance, have you seen the one in Abelton Live? you can make all samples time very well with the metronome there by timestretching the samples and get them on beat. you with me? ;)
(yer, i know one can sync them to lines on pattern, but that wonn’t help me timestretch easily!)

yup ;) that would be so cool… so cool :)

Snap the samples to slices by a selected 900 amount and … ohhh <3