The Novus Compo: December's Round Is Open!

November’s overall results for The Novus Compo are posted, and your winner is Poolside with “Let It Live”! Congrats to Josh and Marshall. :) And of course with the end of November comes the start of December’s mini-compos! 25 piping hot songs have been split up into 5 genre-based mini-compos, and all that sonic goodness is just waiting for your votes! And once you vote, you’ll be eligible to enter January’s round as well. Get your keister over to The Novus Compo and vote today!

The voting deadline for December’s mini-compos ends Wednesday night at 11:59pm New York Time, so you have less than 48 hours to decide which songs deserve to reach December’s overall compo. Don’t miss out!

Congrats to Drq, Space Walk, xTr1m & LPChip, Traymuss and Nygen Dale for winning December’s mini-compos in the Novus Compo! Now the winners will compete against each other for your votes in the overall compo. Who will win December’s crown? As always, it’s up to you. Hit the compo website and vote for your top 3 songs today!

Less than 48 hours 'til the voting deadline, and then the compo takes a drastic new direction starting January 3rd. Check it out! It’s gonna be huge. :)