The Novus Compo: November's Round Is Open!

October’s overall results for The Novus Compo are in, and once again D Fast is your winner! Can he three-peat? We’re about to find out. :) The Novus Compo is back for November with a new batch of 25 fresh songs, split up into 5 genre-based mini-compos of 5 songs each. They’re waiting for your votes, and December’s round is waiting for your entries, so what are you waiting for? Get on over to The Novus Compo and cast your vote today!


Will you be entering another song for December’s compo, botb? :)

Less than 36 hours left until the deadline for voting in November’s mini-compos! The winners will advance to the next round, so go vote while you still can!

And don’t forget, BotB has a song in the Rhythmic Electronica mini-compo. ^_^

November’s mini-compos have ended, and now it’s time for the next round in The Novus Compo! Poolside, Nygen Dale, D Fast, Storyteller and Solo have all won their mini-compos and will now compete head-to-head for your votes in November’s overall compo. And this time, the voting is open for 3 weeks, all the way up to December 5th. We’re still accepting entries for December’s round as well, and to enter your song, all you have to do is download these 5 excellent songs and vote for your top 3. Get on over to The Novus Compo today!

Less than 4 days before the next deadline, and there’s still room for more entries. Cast your vote and enter your song today!