The 'octamed' Fiasco Continues..

Here is the latest message from Ray (the owner) to users who gave him their money and purchased octamed:

[b]We have been asked where the previous versions can be downloaded from…

Simple answer, they can’t

After the release of the windows v2 all previous releases were removed and
they are no longer downloadable from the MED Soundstudio servers.

If you have lost your old v1.7a keys (not earlier versions) we can, at our discretion, still re-generate new keys for you, but if you have lost your
backup copy (you ‘did’ keep one surely?), of the program itself, then
there is nothing we can do to help.

Ray [/b]

LOL! it gets better every day with these circus clowns!

methinks mr. Ray is getting very old and very senile to have posted something as nasty and absurd and disrespectful as this lol…

he’s like that restaurant owner who comes and tells you to “p*ss off” after you ate there because you asked for one too many drink refills, lol

amazing, eh?

IMO, You sir are a troll, and not even very good at it. It’s not amazing. As a matter of fact its pretty common that softwaresite only has the latest version available for download. Usually older versions can be snatched from site like anyway. My two cents.

OctaMED was funny on my amiga. Never used it since then. (Almost 10 years ago)

I’m not talking about removing older versions of the software, I’m talking about this person’s blunt attitude towards common customers that supported the program in the first place buy purchasing a copy.

Instead of saying “email us and we’ll help you out” the old grunt says “but if you have lost your
backup copy (you ‘did’ keep one surely?), of the program itself, then
there is nothing we can do to help.”

Notice he also patronizes you by saying “you ‘did’ keep one surely”

The whole demise of the program was the old man himself. Not the software, not the programmers that did it for free, not the competition. It was his complete out-of-touch with reality and total disregard for the very people that supported the whole thing by sending in payments to buy a copy.

Over time, people clued in, and stopped paying attention altogether. No one sends money to someone who turns around and treats you this way. Believe it or not, they have yet to sell more than 6 copies of this program since it was released, lol. No wonder, it looks and operates like something out of MS-DOS from 1991.

Anyways, that’s my 2 cents.

After your own post I cant help myself thinking of the classic “Pot calling the kettle black” :)