The only way to maximize windows

If you’re opening new iexplorer windows (or other windows) they can be less then the size you want them to be… Especially surfing the net it’s importen to have maximized windows.

If you don’t want to use your mouse to “maximize” them , just press these keys on your keyboard:

alt+space —> then x
(the window must be focused if things are going to be changed)


Only if you’re using an English windows version…
In the norwegian version it’s M instead of X :)

thanks, tobias!

i don’t know HOW you thought to make this thread, but it’s a very useful piece of information - especially when i’m using photoshop and the title bar of my picture mysteriously disappears off the top of the screen :D

(assuming it works in that, but even if it doesn’t it’s a useful bit of info)

I prefer the second choise “other windows”. Internet Explorer is even more EVIL than office! ;)

Mozilla to the people!

A tip for efficient forumreading:


  1. Download mozilla from (version 1.4 is soon finished)
  2. In configs, check everything you can which sets it to open new windows in tabs instead of new windows.
  3. Remove every trace of IE you can find on your computer :) (this step is optional)

I navigate the forum by holding ctrl and opening all the forum sections with new posts, then I open each new post (that I want to read) in a new tab except the last one in each section, which I open in it’s current tab. After this quick little excersize I have all posts open in tabs, I read them one by one and close each one with ctrl+W.

Not just optional, but impossible, at least in Win2k/WinXP! About a year ago I was going to uninstall IE completely from my computer, after the uninstallation I noticed that Microsofts own uninstallation-procedure just simpley removed the shortcuts to the program but still left it on disk and in some cases even sill opened up IE when doing things in windows (When pressing Windows Update under start-button for example or when calling at other web-based features)! I was quiet irritated over this so I simply removed all files from the Programs Files/Internet Explorer, and guess what happened!!! 2 seconds after I deleted the files the 2 most importent files poped up on the harddisk again (HMMAPI.DLL, IEXPLORE.EXE)!!! I went so mad so I physically replaced the files with other files with the same name but different content… It didn’t help much. The next time I did a restart my windows it never started up again, not even in safemode so the only option was to reinstall the whole OS (a more suitable abbreviation would in this case have been CRAP)… If you do not belive in this, then I suggest you try for yourself, you will get very surprised and from that moment realize that Microsoft realy is an EVIL company that want you to have an OS that you have absolutely no controll over yourself!

and btw. Mozilla to the people! :D

Sure. But I’ve at least removed what I can see, and Mozilla is the default browser. That’s the furthest you can get, since windows uses some components from IE for different tasks.

a little thing that makes forum reading with mozilla even better is to install that mouse gestures plugin :)
i recently installed it and its fun

If that would be the case it sould atleast be possible to remove the exe, but not! And why do they then put that hmmapi.ddl in the Internet Explorer map instead of putting it in the mezzy System32 where they put everything else ;)

same here by the way ;) of course it is :D

I’ve compared IE, Mozilla and Opera a bit when doing web stuff and though Mozilla behaves more correctly it seems IE is much faster. Maybe the light versions of Mozilla (Phoenix etc) perform better but I haven’t tried them.

In my experience it’s the opposite (haven’t used Opera much, won’t comment that). But in my case the most important thing for fast browsing is fast interaction between the computer/browser and me. In this case Mozilla is way superior to IE (tabs, type-ahead find). Also, I have yet to experience a crash in Mozilla. With IE this happens all the time.

I agree with Martinal here:

the slowest between us and the PC are us: a program could be very fast to do its job, but if it requires a lot of human interaction (as a browser usually do) but it is not user-friendly, then it will be slower in the end.

Not that IE is hard to use: Mozilla is just easier.

It is like when someone buys a new notebook: they have that P4 3GHz CPU, loads of RAM, big HD, and so on, but sometimes their keyboards are unusable.

My notebook is a Celeron 466 but has a great keyboard and ReNoise with no VSTi runs smoothly, so it is perfect for demoparty jamming :)

From alt+space+x to mozilla :lol:

Well I agree on that and although I haven’t used Mozilla that much I like it more. But speed as in performance is a lot faster on IE for me (running XP).

I have experienced the opposite… the Mozilla browser is faster than IE. me also running XP ;) :lol:
to be honest I do not notice any prominent difference in speed when it comes to real performance. I have such a fast computer anyway so the dirrerence isn’t realy noticable… But Mozilla feels loooot smother than IE, much because have the ability to load in the background and make use of tabed browsing…

Johan: maybe you’ve used an old version of Mozilla? It’s currently at 1.3, 1.4 coming right around the corner.

Well obviously I have to start using Mozilla more… :) I have only noticed the difference when I develop sites locally on my LAN, so in reality Mozilla is probably better and smoother as twilek says.