The Oppressed

well i tried something different and that’s what came across. the ending is not the way i liked it to be, but sadly the xrns is kind of “broken”… i clicked “upgrade to latest version” (just because of curiosity), and that effected some sounds i used in the track. the pitchign sounds no longer the same as it did before :(
but anyway, there you go:

Jealousy - The Oppressed
spooky-doomy-noizy-creepy-soundscapes… :P

hm… what do you think guys?

bumping your own songs threads, huh? ;)

I’m quite fond of dark ambient and I liked this one, but what disappoints me is the usage of vocals; I dislike when they are used in this context, unless they are choral ones. (a matter of tastes, of course)

I would have preferred a slighter lower tempo, too, and a bit less recursion of some sounds like the one which starts playing at 2’00" for the first time.

well, like i said it’s my first attempt to do this kind of style. and i’m a big fan of vocals, even in dark ambient ;)
but finally somebody who showed interest