The Outclicker


this is a litte experimental patch i made in max


looks cool, any chance of posting the patch? would love to have a go…

besides that the patch seems to kick ass, is the music it made anywhere up for download? cuss i kinda like it a lot !


As you can read on the info, the track used as source is Château rouge by Fennesz
The patch is actually creating just the glitch part

it records 4 consequent buffers and rearrange them with a sequencer
each buffer has various amp envelopes and filters ( this allows to create bassdrum-like sound etc )
the buffers can be updated to have an infinite variety of sound taken from the source

From half of the video on you can understand well what’s goin on

Pure awesomeness! This is really excellent. :D

Really cool patch indeed !

But I can’t really figure out how he does work. The beats are all synthetised / sequenced in the patch i guess ?

I heard that some Autechre songs (from LP5 i think) were made completely in MAX/MSP : they launched the record and then tweak knobs and sliders into the patch.

Actually some of these patches were avalaible on the net but i can’t find them. Maybe they are not online anymore. If someone have them, i would be very interested.

some pf the autechre patches are posted on this forum

but i cant get them to show up right in runtime though :(

cool will checked theses out later, i’d heard some of these patches were kicking around but hadn’t found them.

you can only run collectives and application builds (which integrate runtime into the file) with runtime, so if they’re normal max patches they probably won’t work. if they are collectives and they don’t work there might also be issues running them on max5 as they would have been built on max4.6