The Owner-free Filing System (off)

Very interesting stuff!

out of curiosity: is Italy the only country in the “tech-world” where P2P programs packets are being filtered out by many ISP’s (officially) because they consume too much bandwidth?

the filtering automatically reduces the user’s bandwidth each time he opens EMule or similar applications

I’ve always been annoyed by the f*****g hypocrisy of p2p… for example forums: “we don’t endorse illegal file sharing! Don’t discuss it here!!oneone”… but when you read the forums you realize that this is just a lie, just a disclaimer to cover their asses, and that in reality neither the users nor the moderators really give a toss.

Now this is taking it to yet another level: “We call the OFF System a “Brightnet”. No secrecy is needed as nothing shady is going on.”

Yeah, that’s why they constantly refer to “works” and not “data”. They’re not even really trying to make anyone believe what they write, and they certainly don’t believe it themselves.

In short, go choke on digital content, drown in it. Just be quick about it, if that is at all possible. Isn’t it bad enough that corporations and governments are lying through their teeth to us? Do we really have to do the same? Bah!!!

P2P is the future. Yesterday I downloaded “Uwe Boll-Seminar” from breakpoint as a torrent and used azureus the first time (after reading a lot of performance-manuals) and I was quite happy how damn fast this stuff was. Later, there’s Joost coming which should provide IPTV afaik and this piece uses the kazaa-protocol. The same goes for Skype.

Illegal copies are as old as mankind. But they were called illegal when people claimed that a certain piece of art/software was copyrighted.

Think about a guy painting a “not-so-beautiful” woman. And there is another guy painting this woman. One of them suddenly calls this picture mona lisa and copies are now illegal.

I mean, nobody can really say: “I never had an illegal copy” when there were those glory C64-times. I remember when I connected to a BBS and downloaded everything I wanted.

Now, I am not using illegal stuff anymore, too weird are the consequences. In german law for example, copying music can get you in jail for 5 years while child-molest (right word/spelling?) gives you 2 years… That’s totally crazy.

Sorry, I went offtopic…

There are a lot of things I consider the German authorities take way too serious.
If it is about violence in videogames and movies, they consider even adults as childeren and ban certain editions of movies or games from being sold in Germany. And indeed as you said, some penalties on certain actions are inproportional to other forms of crimes.
But this is just the same matter as comparing a speeding ticket to a parking-fine whereas your parking-fine is 25% or 50% higher than the value of a serious speeding ticket where you created a serious threat with your car.
I don’t know if the last thing manifests this way in Germany, in Holland it does.

But to go back to the off-net. No i don’t consider it a brightnet. It is just a method to cover up illegal activities being done.
It is just a way to make illegal activities untracable from the net and if you get busted, they can’t prove you are sharing copyrighted stuff illegally.
It is a very clever design to make official authorities freak out but i think they deserve this sort of problems anyway. They showed having rotten attitudes towards normal average and simple consumers too much imho.

Nope. That’s true of some ISPs here in the US as well, mainly for BitTorrent. For now, encryption of the packets fools their filters … for now. Clients such as Azuereus and uTorrent have this feature.