The Paperclip From Ms Office

This one had me laughing… :D…epaperclip.html

i laughed 4 times… that means i liked it.

My god, that’s spot on! I must say that I didn’t even smile one time during that clip but that’s because he is JUST AS ANNOYING as the original.

Microsoft has a way of making me feel like and obstinate teenager.

Windows Update kicked in today and after having installed the updates windows asked me if I wanted to restart the computer now or later. I chose later and the rest of the evening I had to endure constant reminders of that “the update is almost complete but you have to restart the computer. Do you want to do it now or later”. I got so pissed that I wanted to yell at the damn thing “If you absolutely need to restart then just tell me and then do it but don’t sit here and pretend that I have a choice you son of a bitch!” … I lost the battle but won the war. I gave in and restarted windows but automated updates are now disabled on my computer.

I do NOT want to live there! Yech… I cuss like the motherfing shit for f’s sake! :P