The pattern editor / EDITSTEP value is not SHOWING!


*** The pattern editor / EDITSTEP value is not SHOWING! ***

I want to know if the actual value is 1, 2, 4, 5, 16 or something!

I need a display!!!

THis is very frustraing for quick composing.

**** If you decrease the maximal volume setup for the plug-in/sample/mixer track selection to +64dB (instead of the current +12/+12/+3) and you can display the actual pattern editor / EDITSTEP value ****

this program would be




The Edit Step value is visible in the Pattern Editor Control Panel, just below the Pattern Editor itself.


Re: Gain. I’ve already replied to your email, but I’ll just give a very short re-cap here.

The instrument’s gain level is really only intended to be a general adjustment for fine-tuning things, not the final level for all possible mixing/mastering needs.

If you really need to boost the levels by such high amounts, you can stack as many Gainer devices as you need to in the Track DSP chain (or the instrument’s own internal DSP chain if it’s sample-based), for +12db, +24dB, +36dB, and so on…