The Patterns List

I’m wondering why you’ve moved the Add pattern, Increase pattern #, etc. buttons from their original position? Now it’s using an entire column for their display, thus missing space, and we’ve lost the ability to mouse-drag the pattern number. (The new button “Insert a new unique pattern” is fine though.)

While speaking about this list, wouldn’t it be more comfortable if we could jump to a pattern by left-clicking on it in the list, instead of having to scroll through it?

This was a communiqué from somebody who’s never managed to compose - barely start - anything with Renoise. Thanks for your reading. ^_^

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :) the never-ending debate about the pattern sequencer. :lol:

The first thing a lot of newbies ask when they fire up Renoise is “How do i make more than one pattern?” or “How do i sequence my patterns” and on a few ocasions i’ve read accounts of someone using a single pattern and never figuring out you can make more. Which for the rest of us people born in the 1970’s is usually like WTF? Haven’t you used a tracker before? This new thing says “Hey, look over here, this column over here, You’ll need to look at it, it’s super important.”

Plus the top row was chopped, so you loose horizontal space but gain vertical space, and new computer monitor aspect ratios have a lot of horizontal space.

That makes sense. The role of these buttons is clearer now, indeed. I do prefer losing a line than a column, but the loss of space isn’t very important, I admit.
I’m more concerned with the loss of the dragging of the pattern number, wich mean dozens of clicks if one wants to affect a high number to a pattern, to “store” it for a future use in the track.

Double click on the number to edit it might work for you then?

Ohw, hm, thanks! :D Excellent tactic! ^_^

At the first glance to pattern sequencer in version 2.0 I thought that now the buttons could also be hidden like pattern comments, and really liked it, but as soon as I dragged pattern editor’s left margin to the most left, I realized that I had just illusions.

Another thing is that the “Clone” icon does not work
on multible selected tracks. Drag “select” the pattern,
and i feel the icon should clone them.
it works in the left-click menu, and the Ctrl-K hotkey.

Yeah, clone button really should work with selection.

The clone button is described as ‘Clone and add the current pattern’, which is different from Clone selection (i.e.ctrl+K).

Yet I also think it can be revised to clone selections too.

Without seeing this thread originally, I posted my list of comments on another thread

But, to add my vote to this - I totally hate the new icons/buttons in the pattern sequencer.
I was distracted all day at work because of this (without having Renoise open at all… :) )

I would like to see the sequencer, with or without its pattern labels, and without the alien buttons.
So, unless someone comes up with a new, less intrusive design for these buttons, I would like to vote for a preferences checkbox to disable them.

+1 sensible compromise, power users can use shortcuts.