The Prodigy's new single - Nasty

here we go again:

and another one:

Not my cup of coffee.

I`m…not…here…to…be… sterilized? ???

Great lyrics

slow 909 handclap

Is it just me or does the kid in the Nasty video look like Richard D. James?

heres an interview about the album with steve lamaq

I give the album 4/5

Many tracks need to grow on you, but when you allow them to, some will do just do that thoroughly.

1. The day is my enemy

This track with the Swiss drummers in the beginning really gives you a nice big beat introduction of what to come.

Not linking the female vocals very much, but doesn’t ruin it for me.

2. Nasty

If I want to have this kind of energy-vibe, I would most likely listen to ‘Omen’ instead. Cool break though.

3. Rebel Radio

This really was a mixed bag for me in the beginning. mostly the vocals annoyed the shit out of me.

But now it gives me a bit of a ‘Narayan’ feel. And together with the firestarer-ish percussion, that’s a good thing.

4. Ibiza

didn’t liked the Sleaford Mods very much. Same goes for this track. cheap sounding punky pary raiser a la ‘Piranha’.

5. Destroy

Now this track did take me some time to get into. It bored me very much in the beginning.

But after some listening I heard that this track had a lot more in it.

6. Wild frontier

Very melodic and nice beats. This is really one of my favo tracks.

7. Rok-Weiler

The only thing this album has to much is Keith Flint. This track proves this to me.

Some Nice Ideas in this track but just didn’t grabbed my attention.

8. Beyond the deathray

Maybe a new tradition, this is our new ‘Omen reprise’ track.

A good one I might add! The bubbling muffeled bass track gives it a lot of atmosphere.

9. Rhythm bomb

This track really reminds me of the terrible ‘always outnumbered never outgunned’ sound.

Not the worst track, but its with the lowest 3

10. Roadblox

First this just passed me by, one morning I had one break melody in stuck in my head when the album was still fresh for me.

When I went to this track again that morning, It grabbed me so hard and didn’t let go. Together with ‘Wild frontier’ my top tracks.

This one got nice epic melodies and really nice energy.

11. Get your fight on

This is the ugly twin brother of ‘Take me to the hospital’ hate the vocals and melodies. And the fact that the beats and basses

are almost a 1to1 copy of ‘Take me to the hospital’ doesn’t help.

12. Medicine

I think some ‘Fat of the land’ enthausiasts might like this track for it’s vibe.

For me the track doesn’t have enough going on and the vocals are just awfull.

13. Invisible sun

Ok, I can appreciate an experiment. but despite this track having some really nice ideas, the vocals really bring this down for me.

14. Wall of death

Not the best track, but finally this does more for me than the last couple of tracks.

Not really sure what the lyrics mean, but I can get my freak on with this banging end track.

Never liked em …Some big beat drums / hoover sounds + 2 dancers …pfff…

Wtf …

Never liked em …Some big beat drums / hoover sounds + 2 dancers …pfff…

Wtf …

i love the 2 first albums, hope they get back to their old style :smiley: