The Real, Original True Source Of Dubstep

When I saw this it made me think of dubstep. It’s definitely the most hardcore production setup around.

Feel the bass!

Hahaha good one :D

I must sample that!

I know, when I heard that I thought “that’s badass!”

It even has an explosion to the front of it. It’s just so awesome. Thinking about it I think that is a legitimate rotterdam/gabber kickdrum if you sample just the first second. So many options. =)

Sample? why not simply mix the video inside a new tune and repost it on Youtube?

Lol :D

New renoise competition!

– By the way: the reason I found that on youtube is I was reading about a new jet engine being developed by Avro that has no moving parts ahead of the compressor and is propelled by sound waves. I just wanted to know what it would sound like (other than AWESOME) and somehow came across that post. I think it has something to do with an engine that also propelled by soundwaves. Very cool stuff!

Has to be done! I wish Renoise had support for video clips! :yeah: