The Renoise Lifestyle

Do you ReNoise boys ever get any sleep? Man, do you dream in patterns, track numbers, obscure hieroglyphics, and code? Talk about a 24/7 renoise-o-holic situation. I imagine that medical school has an easier work schedule than this, from what I have seen.

My hat goes off to ya! It WILL pay off big. This I feel :w00t:


when I was at school, I used to write down patterns on my school diary during some boring lessons, and then, when I went home, I wrote them down on the tracker.

Needless to say that the result was very different frm what I expected :lol:

Back in the protracking days, me and a friend used to have quick competitions when we switched off the sound. Well, first we had to load up a few samples, but after that it was deaf tracking. That also wound up quite different from what you excepted :D

I still do that things.

I also have a copybook full of synth diagrams. :blink:

hahaha. when i first tracked on ft2 i was so excited! the first thing i did when i got home from school was tracking, and @ school i also wrote down patterns. hehe. we’re such geeks :rolleyes:

I never got an education because of ST3.

I do too. or mostly its effects, routing-diagrams for reaktor.

poor kid. lemme give you a hug.

I have to say that i was more productive back then :) i had my pentium 75 MHz with genius soundcard and ST3 (later IT), i had no internet connection to distract me… And literally all i did with my computer was tracking, nothing else :)

I’ve designed a performance midi controller that will probably remain a design, because i have no idea how to manifest it as a marketable product. Oh, well…