The Renoise X-mas effect

The recent comments from taktik in regard to Renoise 3.0 development are interesting, because they also suggest something about Renoise releases in general that I hadn’t been thinking much about before: The “Christmas effect”:

When I first read this my initial thoughts was that taktik was rewriting large parts of the codebase because Renoise 3.0 was going to retail as a VSTi version, marketed as the world’s most complex sample sequencer. It would naturally also come with a brand new pianoroll, in order not to alienate the new target users. But on a second thought, this seemed very far off.

So let’s talk a bit about this “Christmas effect”. What Renoise release in the past had the most impact of this effect on you, and why? What version was most like “OMG, I had absolutely no idea that feature X was coming!”…?

The most impact V2.5 Pattern Matrix, why? Because I no longer had to export what I had done in rns to another DAW to sequence it. Also 2.6 scripting I use the tools all the time and the people contributing these great tools is like having lots of mini updates.

Christmas is one huge, big fat lie anyways. If you just read the Bible, and check historical evidence…

In the early 4th century, the greek-roman sun-worship holiday - which took place on winter solstice - was officially “adopted” into the (already very corrupt) mainstream Christianity by the roman emperor Constantine. He wanted to promote “religious tolerance” for his own political means, and he did so by blurring the lines between the different religious practices of that time in the roman empire.

Sounds interesting and seems like its a big update.
Hope it will have built in renoise synthesizers.
Its really mysterious…wonder what will the unexpeted features be?
sample keyzone editor was the unexpected one last time

Christmas? Is that like receiving jogging pants when what you really wanted was an iPad? Can’t wait!

Obviously what we’re getting is a Bluetooth powered direct neural interface. Hands free Renoise at last!

2.8 is all I’ve ever known because I’m a noobie but I have to agree with Dunks that it probably would have been the pattern matrix. When I first downloaded the demo, that was probably THE selling point for me. It’s the absolute most easy to use and intuitive method of sequence management I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. I was coming from OpenMPT a bunch of random other trackers.

It’s so convenient being able to center click on a pattern to mute just that pattern instead of having to toggle the entire track. And copy pasting patterns, so useful oh my god.

Or vice versa, all you wanted was jogging pants but instead you got an iPad… However, I’d guess that taktik really refers to the feeling of excitement when you stare at the soon-to-be-opened presents and wonder what’s inside them. And obviously also that nice bonus feeling when you have no fucking clue…

2.6 - Lua scripting.

I could make really cool things, reasonably simply on top of an extremely stable, cross-platform audio core. And then share them with all of you guys, knowing it will ‘just work’!

2.6 here too, and mainly because of AUTOSEEK, actually.
finally I could work (a little bit) more comfortable with longer samples.
that’s why I am so friggin’ keen on audiotracks, or a similar improvement this upcoming version.
fingers crossed.

the most-est Xmas feeling for me was…um…2.0?..when sub-tick timing came in…the delay column blew my mind man…my fucked up beats got gasp more fucked up. plus it was during the aftermath of a hurricane…we didn’t have power or 11 days and I would go to the library, log on to a computer and stare at the renoise page n dream…

people still pretend that it has religious significance? I thought we were past that and simply celebrated christmas as an orgy of consumerism?

Ahh christmas, that time of year where you awkwardly and desperately try to avoid your family.

The API and scripting language is the only feature I can ever remember being promised is going to come with a release, and as such does it really belong in the section of surprise presents? :P

Honestly for me, the most “Christmaslike experience” with Renoise was not one of the updates, but discovering it for the first time… Which was shortly after 1.5 came out. I did a google search for “Tracker with vsti support” and Renoise came up. I tried it out and felt at home with it immediately. While the updates have been nice, the most important part for me is the solid foundation of awesomeness. Even if there were no more updates ever, I would still use Renoise for a long time. :)

This is coming from someone who, just a few months ago, was considering switching to Psycle or Buzz because I had been out of the Renoise loop for so long (and had some good mobile experiences with Sunvox). But, I tried Renoise out again recently, came to grips with the pattern matrix, and you know what? I love Renoise more than ever!! :D

+1, that’s true kazakore.

Also remember what happened because taktik, for once, made an exception to the X-mas policy and “talked”? Now consider this:

If a lot more Renoise users acted less like small children and more like mature adults, would taktik then change his X-mas effect? Somehow I get the feeling that this particular policy was adopted because some of the Renoise users got so easily disappointed and upset about anything and everything. Maybe taktik simply thought “wtf, they can’t handle changes of plans and open communication about it, so therefore I’ll close the doors, seal the windows, and put a big blanket on everything related to the alpha coding of Renoise”. In such scenario, the alpha team would simply be the skilled cream of the coffee that taktik thought qualified as mature enough to handle a copy of the latest alpha, without freaking out in spasm of disappointments and demands for instant gratification while the lead coders changed stuff around.

What if all Renoise users were like the guys on the alpha team…? Would the X-mas effect still be taktik’s choice as something necessary and/or wanted?

Nope, it’s probably always been like that, and the users ain’t gonna change, because they can’t. It’s human nature - OOH fresh meat let me sink my teeth in that immediately :P
What if all Renoise users were alpha team? Well what then, who knows.

for me, I’ve only bought it at 2.7 so… yeah… Multitap :)
the scripting indeed is the best part for me, like mxb said the ability to “make really cool things, reasonably simply on top of an extremely stable, cross-platform audio core”. You can’t simply go and code sample generators and play them immediately, anywhere else, that I know of. But it wasn’t really that effect, I used renoise for some time until I started discovering what can be done with it (I was amazed by the awesomeness of keyboard-only operation like in the “Search track by name” tool) - now I’m making killing beats just with generated samples + FX + Render selection + more FX + etc :D
(check my Note Repeat tool for example, so simple, but makes for great live drumming)

eh and above multitap actually I think, folding tracks. and grouping and stuff. but especially the folding part… wouldn’t wanna try and go back to 2.7 :D

Well said man

Everyday is christmas with MPE! Thank you SevenScientist and everyone making these awesome tools :D Renoise is so well thought out and stable the dev’s should be outside enjoying this weather instead of coding.