The Reselektor



Great idea!!

I just tried making Reselektor into a playlist, got a problem with WinAmp not accepting the .ogg files served by and, but maybe this could be solved somehow?

try it out here:

Mine is redirecting too, at least in XMPlay your list is working fine for me as is.

And what a list =)

Glad you gents enjoy this! I think it’s a great idea too, so I’m keen to continue it. I might need some help with the XML script though, it’s very h4ck. I might talk to Bantai or Beat and see if I can’t get it cleaned up a bit, or perhaps get some automation happening - adding it all by hand is rather slow!

I’ll be keeping an eye on the song forum to see what’s popular. Of course, I may miss stuff, so please keep piping suggestions through to me.

Nicely done, Foo.

It’ll be fun to check back each month and see the “victors”. ;)

Plus, a Renoise podcast…sign me up.

thanks for adding my latest song, Foo? !

I’ve done a samba song in Renoise, if you need some :)

Samba para mi

At one point the thought did cross my mind to include classic older tracks for the sake of featuring different styles and artists (and believe me, I have many favs). But this is not my current aim for The ReSelektor. Honoring random electicism is important.

I want to keep it contemporary as possible, much like The Wire Tapper series some of you may be familiar with. This puts a slight pressure back onto the community to keep the fresh stuff coming. Keep the new sounds evolving, reaching for a bar of quality and innovation. If the community feels a certain style or sound is not represented, then it’s up to them to make a new song that pwns.

I think it’s a very impressive and diverse list, and may be hard to pull off every single month.

Self-enforced deadlines suck, just release another reselektor when the time seem right

I agree. However, the Reselektor could be considered a great excuse to spam as much of your latest work as possible. ;)


Well, back to work then! Get the hex out there!

For the next Reselektor I want Ptrance :)

Ok done! Number 2 is up!

Keep the comments coming!

cool - is there a plan to get these together as a podcast?


that’s SO 2007

I agree with Jordy. It’s too much work for me and then of course there is the hosting issues. Some one else’s project? I’m just doing the ReSelekting.