The return - land of bits (synthwave)

made this track using my other alias


Great track, but there is a really weird compression going on until 2:25. Maybe it’s the ducking or even compression on the mix bus. The bass could also be better integrated.

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bro yeah i always struggle with that type of basses
i think the compression issue its because the bass going in hard to the limiter i guess :sweat_smile:

i like this style of music but i dont like going full 80’s sounding …man there is a lot by now

Arcade High is mixing chiptunes and french house with retrowave … and Survive has a very particular sound i like them a lot

Hmm… to my ears it feels somehow broken :slight_smile: Is there a delay or reverb on the bass?

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nope ! :slight_smile: no reverb delay on the bass

I really like this tune, also the mixing. But I liked the version you showed me before much more mixing wise, the drums were more rounded and quieter. I am completely ok with the bass compression, it is not unusual to squash the bass like this in the more recent productions of this genre. Maybe some parts still be improved regarding composition, or make it a bit longer? I love especially the part starting at 1:12, reminds me of an old Amiga crackto :guitar:

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@taktik thanks for moving my song to Renoise Songs :slight_smile: but this one wasnt made in Renoise :frowning: i post here all the stuff that i do in renoise and in other daw’s

i have good friends here and the community is awesome :slight_smile:

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yeah a friend gave me a free copy of neutron and ozone (elements ) and i ffucked the song :frowning:

the izotope maximizer its not good at all to be honest i do love the transient shaper and exciter inside neutron elements :slight_smile: