The Return Of Basement Wigger

My wigger vision for a north korean club culture.

I will update this page every time a track for the album is complete. Currently there is only one. I plan on translating all the song titles in korean so that people who can’t read it think it’s pro PRNK, where as people who can think it’s anti PRNK. A lot of insane atari and c64 basslines mixed in with “old school” beats, north korean army orchestra anthems, and video game samples. Misappropriation, western ignorance, and video games. I want to start off with a korean friend of mine stating that i’m a white devil and have no idea what i’m doing and this is the worst thing he’s ever heard but i’ll probably still use this sample because i can’t understand what he’s saying. I also want the cover to be like a bunch of nuclear missiles lined up, but one of them is a giant joint.

Same style, different decade.

Feedback appreciated.

I downloaded Mu Chong, The Yanan Faction. Nice track, well produced. I like your minimalist Neurofunkish style, and could easily imagine this as the soundtrack to a movie sort of like Pi.


I’m happy with this track, and this project allows me to do a lot of stuff that has no place to go…

Maybe North Korea?


New track: Juche Is Monarchism, Not Marxism

Commie funk, clown honks, and distortion - together at last.

New track: Pak Hon-yong, The Domestic Faction

I’m interested to see how all the tracks will work as a whole. This is, I hope you don’t mind me saying, an interesting venture into the realm of experimentalism. I can see that you’re not aiming for a collection of one hit wonders so much as an aural adventure that sidesteps conventional…
I’m waffling here :) thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

Like you said, I’m more interested in trying to do an album (10 tracks) as a whole. That last song was the halfway point and it’s kind of like an interlude. There will be more conventional tracks to come, but no straight rollers. It is experimental if you (like me) use club centric drum & bass / breaks as the standard I am deviating from. I will also be taking this into a mastering studio when I am done, so there might be slight changes thereafter. Yes, my hobbies are expensive. Haha. A festering solo extension to a “style” that begun almost a decade ago in a duo I was involved in.

Also, I received the North Korean movie Pulgasari in the mail today and i’m re-inspired, so watch that page for more in the coming weeks.

Seriously … THIS IS FUKKIN AWESOME … :yeah:
Keep up these absofunkalutely destructive vibes !


A new one (out of the vaults, but I’m putting it on the album cuz I feel it’s still a clasic. It also represents the concept). 170 bpm, Amens & Scotties, a one note bass drop at 2:39 - Personality Cult Is Corruption.

Brand new exclusive overpriced free track: 2. Collective Responsibility Excludes The Leader - 8 bits of nintendo gets the royal reverb treatment, chekovian pauses instead of fills, and 200 BPM of buckets are dubbed out, drenched in sub-bass, causing nothing but grief for my neighbours.

Newest track:

#4. Pak Chang-ok, The Soviet Koreans?

Detox gets a prunked up russian vodka style, more distortion and 8-bit weirdness featuring MC Regimental at 2:15, 3:45 and 5:04 getting the Mayday EQ treatment. Check it out.

New track: Imperialism Erodes Isolationism

An Atari 2600 and a Commodore 64 share a splif at the love parade, your face encrusted with a layer of puke protecting you from harmful oscillations that cut you from the sky. Blips.

New track: Post-Colonial Korean World Order

Missile command shit-hop. Short & Sweet like a nuclear apocalypse.

New Track:

#3 Purge All Critics of Pulgasary

North Korean godzilla meets joker record classics and pulverizes the dance-foor, amens unapologetically everywhere.

goddammit this shit is gooooood


Same to you BotB, your breakcore tracks are pretty solid.

Final track! Shameful Abortion Of Global Communism.

I will be changing track #6, replacing the video game breakdown with korean criticism of the project. Going into the studio on Saturday for a mastering session with the infamous Poontz. The final track order will be: 6, 8, 5, 4, 3, 10, 2, 7, 9, 1 Then my doom is sealed. Speak now or forever hold your piece.

Thank you for your help.

awesome. will the mastered version be available for download too? or do we need to get it while we can before it’s gone?

I’ll make a torrent available in August, when the CD is pressed.

awesome… but i got a question… if you’re getting it pressed (for a commercial release presumably?) why are you distributing it online for free also ?