The Return Of S-Wrong Part Deux

Song number two in a series of songs that I hope to complete and mix this February (and possibly March, things have gone a bit slower than I had anticiapted, due to the fact that women are complicated - who needs 'em anyway?). The tracks, including this one, are all still demos, so I am grateful for constructive crits. I’ve already beefed up my previous effort. When the mini-album comes out all the songs will be re-polished, if need be.

It’s called “So Dangerous”

There are at least three more songs in the pipeline. All of them are variations on the dubstep theme, but not quite dubstep. Hopefully I’ll move on to a different genre after I get this out of mys system.

EDIT: It doesn’t seem to want to play now, but it’s probably just Soundcloud procrastinatin’

This song is excellent! Downloaded and will enjoy again later.

O missed this. Good mix. I like this regee electronic mix :)