The Return Of S-Wrong

Hey there fellow Renoisers! Long time no noise. Well, I’ve been busy. But now I’ve picked up where I left off and I am about to complete four tunes that I started work on before I went away. Before posting any of those, however. I will give you two new ones that I made in Jan and Feb of 2011. The first one is called A State of War and you can listen to it here:

The second, which is sort of a dancehall-tinged drumstep thingy by the name of Dangerous has to be mixed and mastered properly (or as proper as I can get it) before you’ll hear it. Then, later this month I will try and make the others that I mentioned listenable. All in all they will form sort of a mini-album, I think.

Thanks for listening.

Great track, nice deep piano, lots of variety :) Im waiting for that mini album :)

yeah, great track!

Thanks for the kind words - they mean a lot to me.

Nice track :)

I like piano as well…

BTW, yeah, Octamed 4 FTW! :drummer:

Very nice track, put together in a very interesting and unexpected way.

Nice ideas, especially the heavy filtered bass and the piano/string sequencnes.
In my opinion the drums are a bit too thin, in the sound design (missing kick fitting to the massive bass) and also in the arrangement, which is too simple (rhythm and some breaks).

I love me some constructive crit. I agree that there could be more variation in the beat, but I am not sure about fattening up the kick. There is only room for so much bass in a track. Then again, I could perhaps think of a way to make the kick more audible without it hogging all the lower freqs. I’ll look into it for the minialbum.