The Right Base For Most Amps

I loove to make music and being back in the tracker world with Renoise is a true joy.

I have a question.

How do I ensure that the sound I hear on computer (iMac) sounds similar on fx my Sony Amp or in my car. I know it’s like saying “I want to have the same driving experience with a BMW as with a Fiat” - essentially yes, but…

I was hoping there might be some tool or tip that could help one to keep bass (or perhaps other instruments too) within ‘good’ bounderies.


Well, that would be the art of mastering then :) This includes the usage of a variety of fx ((multiband) compressors, limiters, eq, etc.). So I guess there are not quick tips or single tools to get it done.


Thanks for rply. Well, worth trying. Need to get better speakers. Some good monitors!