the right button for the right view

The new spectrum pane now can display the big stereo scopes ; cool.
But when you select those 2 scopes, the button still displays a spectrum and the hint describes that you display a spectrum.
That’s a bit confusing.
A specific button image should be designed, representing stereo scopes, and the hint should say “hide/Show the stereo scopes”…

do people actually use the stereo scope for monitoring? Besides eye candy, what is it good for?

I think the icon is fine, since an icon’s purpose is at foremost communicate about what it does, which in this case is about monitoring, and I think the current button does it fine whether there actually is a spectrum or the scopes. Another problem is that how should the icon be changed, as right next to is another one that essentially could have the same or in the least very similar image? I do think the tooltip should be revamped though, so ++ for changing that. Also if someone can design a clearly distinct icon for the master scopes then I think changing it would be alright.