The Right Way To Use A Compressor

Hi renoisers! I want to know what is the right way to use a compressor in a song composed with a drum line a bass line and some pads and vocals (3 tracks) ! Please explain to me I can’t understand :o

PS: sorry for my bad english but I’m italian

first off… at the mixing stage (where I reckon you’re at…) you need to compress each track on it’s own…
some might need a lot of compression (vocals usually do) and some needs less or no compression (like your pads …)…

separate the different sounds in your drum-line into their own tracks… because when applying compression
to these some need more and some need less (!) and when each sound/instrument has it’s own track it’s
easier to Eq them aswell… or divide inte groups using send channels etc…

here’s a few links on the subject:

The Big Squeeze
Mixer Tips ch.3 from Mackie
Harmony Central - Compression/Limiting
Rane - Dynamic Processors

and a quote from one of them: “Experimentation is the key here; there is no magic setting…”

Good Luck!


The first rule about compressors is that there are no rules at all. You will always get a different answer, depending on who you ask. Some say that compressing every channel is the right way, others route all their drums and percs into one channel and compress them, others compress the individual samples etc.

Read a few guides and try it out yourself, and find your own way. :)

Thanxxxxxxxxxxx very useful links and infos :dribble:

Great links…

“others route all their drums and percs into one channel and compress them”

doing this in Renoise, without latency compensation, would it not flam if the send is not 100 wet?


Compression is a process, not an effect so you need to send 100%. If not, you’ll get a funky result. Could be used as an effect, but that’s another discussion … :)

Is it when you use parallel compression latency compensation comes in handy ?


Use compressor as an effect. If you have a synth bassline it’s nice to compress it with ratio set to limiter and attack is set to something like 2 ms. Then adjust threshold so that the signal is compressed a bit. Now you have a snappy bassline which sounds nice. :P You can also add snap to other instruments. Experiment a bit and you’ll see. :) I don’t recommend renoise’s internal compressor as a limiter because it lets through some peaks even when attack is set to 0 ms. At least that was with renoise 1.5. I tend to use waves L1 ultramaximizer as a limiter, because it is brickwall limiter. Gives a boost to acid sounds etc. when the signal is roughly limited.

I found this article on Compression very helpful:…udio-mixing.htm

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