The Set Delay Time Change With Tempo?

In the Delay effect window it is possible to set the delay time for left and right channels to a number of lines in the pattern, though they wouldn’t change if tempo changes. I thought it might be useful if a feature is added to the delay effect to make the set delay time change with tempo, one of the many uses can be creating echo effect for notes in songs with changing tempo… maybe a LOCK checkbox will do.

Here is an illustration of my idea:

yes an optional ‘lock’ button would be cool with the delay, if only to ensure backwards compatibility when playing older tracks.

Yeah something to sort the delay out would be great.

I used to love it when I was using speed 6, but now I am using speed 3 I have to fiddle with it for ages to get something I am after…

I don’t get it… all you have to do is double the delay sizes to match your doubling in speed from 6 to 3?

WAY WAY WAY too complicated mate.

Can you start from the beginning?


We need a “beat delay” which will always be in sync with the tempo, thats for sure.

For now you can “resync” the delay times on tempo changes, by triggering the pattern effects X50Y and X60Y.
(where X is the position in the chain (1 if you have the delay as the first effect in the chain) and Y with the number of lines).

These pattern effects help much, but still you have to set these effects each time you change the tempo.