The Slicer! My First Max/msp Patch

Here’s a little patch i made with max/Msp

It’s my first official patch so a lot of things could be implemented
If you have any suggestion feel free to tell

feel free…

feel freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

uhm sorry

The Slicer!!!

(i’d like to embed the youtube video but don’t know how )

Cool patch!

I always wanted to work with max msp.
But I keep switching to Renoise.

thank you Charly

i’ve listened to some of your music and i really like it

The key to learn Max/msp for me is to focus on something, if you just look around through the help patches you are going to get lost
In fact at the beginning i quit using max after 1 week or so , then i had an idea and Max has become familiar

(i’m still pretty noob though )

I don’t want to hijack your thread …but here is a free max msp app. ( no need to run pluggo runtime ) LOOPER
It’s great for mashing up loops …

no problem!

nice hijack i’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

do you have the patch up somewhere? Like to check it out :)

mmm it’s still quite beta and i have to make some improvements but if you want to try it anyway, i’m going to ul it somwhere :slight_smile:

please ask and i’ll send it via pm from tomorrow on (i’m goin out tonight)

btw take a look at the new patch i’m working on…

The youtube demo is coming !!

Looks very nice! Go Go Gadget Max verion 5. What’s that next thing you’re working on?

O, I LONG FOR THE DAY when Max and Renoise can talk to each other effectively. Right now the integration possibilities are very limited.


and yeah when you’ve finished these patches please do post 'em, i’d love to play around.

max/msp rules o.k. :P


i like how you can tweak the loop points around