The 'songs' Is Driving Me Nuts...

The Song Section needs some improvements:

  1. The same Login for the Song Section aswell as the Forum ( i have one tune under ‘notorius’ but since i had hazzles with my login (for the Backstage) my account doesnt exist anymore (no such user)

  2. The Top-Chart is (imho) useless, it should be a Top-Chart each section (only if its rated)

  3. Top-chart: 1 vote 100% >> 3 votes 90% (imho unfair)

  4. The list should contain Generes aswell as users (user with the most songs / most rated songs should be ranked at the top

  5. Lots of dead links (i would fix my link, but since i cant login anymore i simply cant change it)

  6. Search function for songs I heard a nice tune last week in the ‘Last Additions’ now i cant remember the author/Genre but the name, but im too lazy to check all genres for that song.

Thats all for the moment, what u think ?

from my side: would be nice but not needed. you know that costs time

Another thing that annoys me is that people add 4 of their songs in a row so that still new songs get dropped out of the list. The new songs list could be longer than 5 songs: 10 for example. There could be a time limit when user can add a new song again or a new song could be added when the old song drops out of the new songs list.

I think it’s important that the song section gets a overhaul. I mean, the song section is probably the first thing people visit when they want to hear what renoise sounds like. Alot of dead links, missing search system and just chaos among the genres could scare eventual buyers away from buying Renoise.