The Sowl Files: The Lost Electronic Sessions

Grab the album off of my Bandcamp page. It got a little bit of everything electronic on it. If you want y’all can check the complete write-up I did over on my homepage as well.

Not everything was made in Renoise, but a fair few of them was. They were made when I transitioned between Cubase and Renoise, so it’s a bit of a mish-mash… Hope that’s alright.


Thank you, glad you found a couple of tunes you enjoyed.

Yeah it is a Postal reference actually :)

Care to tell which ones are Renoise?

Great work on the album!

Lili357, lol no, not really :) The tune ended up as a sketch and was never really finished, I had an idea about it involving the “don’t run with scissors/knives” you’re always told as a child and thought about reversing, and expanding, on that. Idea came when I saw the tagline on Postal. But as most of these songs, we never got round to recording any vocals (which was Sols area in Sowl). So it got left as a sketch, that’s why it’s so short and doesn’t have a lot going on in it. Thanks again.

Thank you Suva.

These were made in Renoise, I did do some additional mixing on a couple of them in Cubase tho, but it was mostly some group fx automation (reverb, delay).
And I did the vocal mixing on Striking Distance & Little Darling in Cubase.
I Thought I Heard…
Laugh Gone
Was That You Brushing…
And So It Died
Give Mt Your Power
Fire Gorilla
Little Darling
Striking Distance

Really nice album! Some tracks I really like, some others are a bit weaker but that’s always the way. On the whole all very nice, well produced and most definitely worth the download. Nice one :)

Thanks man!