The Start Of A Sample

Is there any way to start a sample “halfway”?
For instance: If I want to listen to a pattern, and I start it at line 64, but I still want to hear the sample I put at 32 -
Is there any way to do this? I tried using the 09xx-command, and it helps to some extent, but it’s not quite what I’m looking for…

I’m currently working with quite long samples, which forces me to do some of the editing in Cubase, but I would really like to use Renoise, and nothing else. :)

Two points to consider:

  1. Try posting these sorts of questions in the ‘beginners questions forum’.
  2. Try making a copy of the part you want play from the sample into a new instrument. That way you can be as precises as you like.

Oh, sorry for posting in the wrong section!
I’ll make sure to post it right, next time. :)

Yeah, I thought about that too. The thing is that if I do that, I’m still only able to start the sample from a specific point, right? I’m kinda looking for a way to be able to start basically anywhere in the song, and have Renoise “understand” from where the sample should start playing (kind of like fastforwarding). But I’m starting to think that this is something that might actually require Cubase. :(

this would require the so called “audio tracks”, which are currently not implemented in renoise. searching for “audio tracks” in the forum should show some user ideas about them.

Ah, I see. :) Thank you so much for your replies!
I’ll make sure to check out the suggestions about it.

Thanks for moving the thread to the correct section, btw. :)