The Strange Poetry Thread


Thanks, I can see where you’re coming from with the spam thing, new wave poetry is like new wave music : glitch and mashup.

I like Kizzumes poetry too. That’s the stuff I generally write for myself, but seeing that we’re on public display here let’s go:

~~hry Mario bitcth, get 0FF ((((dog)))fRECK.
LURV (y) on-a-sticksssssssssssssuxLORD@

For spew, amen.
(ref: 52345892498712-101)

Now, that one I liked! That’s brilliant!



Re-read your others too a couple of times, exellent as well. :walkman:

Toiletpaper, fr3sh.
Seat open, pants closed
Ring ring ring
666, plop.
It’s quilted.
Broken handle
Chain pulled
Chain broken
Bad day at the o(ri)ffice.
Wet floors.
It’s a rough universe, you’ve gotta know where your towel is.
Home Depot.

this is a poem
about my mind’s unrest
let me write these words
so you can put it to the test
so your eyes can see
the words I say
and your brain can hear the rhymes I lay

'cause I don’t want to drop it on a mic y’all
'cause if I did, then you’d have no choice but to LOL
besides, ev-er-y time I try to write lyrical mayhem
I always end up with with some really crappy shit that I hate man

so really
what is the point?
for me to disjoint
your musical sensibility?
or is it to anoint
some eloquent abstraction to your brain?
(without the profane)
don’t try to restrain me now
I won’t allow
meow meow meow meow
bow wow sucks cow
it’s in the tao
Martin Landau
is to highbrow
to wear fraufrau
while in moscow
in a snowplow
at a powpow
while playing WoW

At the top of the Foodchain and Dinner is Served

Caught up in my drug abusing mental fusing frenzy
Pop my bubble, feed my needing vocal vomit fantasy
I’ll be the guiding light, the way of your immense prosperity
As I feed upon your misery
and your filter-tipped society

What are we, thus grab the core of human gore
Are we well and wonder, waste or thunder,
craving for so ever more
Face your fate and feed your face,
my favourite piece of flaw
While I depend upon your need to feed
And I feed upon your soul

Understand the foundations of a rotten conception
I see the growth of power and abuse the rising eruption
Foundations of all nations start the explosive destruction
Yes, I am your need to feed I am divine intervention

Rock and stone and flesh and bone,
Destroy the planet on their own
Another mortal fantasy,
a new revolting philosophy
A human call, a human skull,
an a-bomb on your golden walls
Why don’t you become the melody
for my destructive poetry

I await no apocalypse, no futile progressions
As I await the impossible, illogic oppression
I await no words or signs of my concrete domination
I await no marks or scars of any cold or harsh emotions
For I await the impossible and I expect the inevitable
Await the impossible, expect the inevitable

Await and expect so you will never forget
Humanity riding a snake whoes fate is yet to be met

and for the sake of contrast

Whadda ya wearing apart from that sheet,
you don’t need it so you better let it go you know,
you really aint all that, and you sure aint much to look at ,
but it was a nice chat we just had at the cafetariarette
but it had bit too much of you in there or here
or pretty much everywhere for that matter
coz you simply are a little gift wrapped maggot.

Do you understand the grand masterplan,
lemme show you how we do it back in Rotterdam
where we cram em in a box every now and then,
locked and left alone to rot in a parkinglot but goddamn
are you gettin ram bam boolie buggeroolie
coz you gotta stay put upon the seat which I strapped you to,
bakaroolie dubbeladoolie on the double one two
b to the o to the tee bee’s gonna get you, woooh!

I bet the gasoline must’ve stung in yer eyes,
when you surprised me with a second try to escape,
I take it you’ve had enough of all this stuff,
however tough you may seem, the more mortal I deem you to be,
you can’t leave, not before I relieved my therapeutic pressure
upon your impressively restyled face some more,
so you better fear the bitter cold of my lurking insanity
are you happy flappy joy joy jubbarooba with ya little finger
stuck between the blender, I lend the mender man a minute
to go get it and then pay it with your womanlike habit, and then roll it,
reel it in and wrapped in plastic, these fantastic elastics are as eccentric
as my ramble manical magic.

Now before you start to panic, I am not really manic,
but you are you and I am me and you know what is going to be
when I free my mind and loosen up and down the stairs
with your ass massive bone breaking beefsteak making taking
this all too serious like I was furious that time
when I tried to petrify your brother and ended up killing both
your sis and your mother.
I’m from another part of town where they wanna lay you down
until you terrify their minds and remind the lil kids to get a grip
and git the frikkin flikknick out of me usually so slick ‘n slitherin sight
you son of a sorry ass piece of a feet f****ing stegosaurus
on a hunger strike.


|0nnrpth8| zgrrl zbohy mmmLICK
Mike Michael Michelle Mick

pAss the f.e.a.r. around (o0n0 a0 s0t0i0c0k)(



That’s actually pretty good.

There’s some really good poetry going on here.

Great stuf BotB

There are you
Spoiled, don’t need to see
That we all are in pain too

Lost case
You dwell among your misery
and wait for pity
that’s a shame
world loves you
only if you could see
we are all in pain too
you would be relieved
and shared the life
as it is, and you could shine

shine with me, there’s no pain
suffer on your own, you will strain

e:ok, that was not strange. I shall keep it to myself for now on. And that wasn’t any good neither. :P

I second what Conner said, clever. :)

Telepatu, look at it this way: life is stranger than fiction, and your poem is about life. :) Here’s mine:

Wake from an evening of slumber,
rim of a dream where you mumble,
the perfect constant,
that perfect escape,
from rinse and repeat,
you are what you eat,
then again,
you’re probably anorexic

Not very good, but atleast it was weird.